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BrewDog Poster Competition

BrewDog was founded in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie in the North East of Scotland. With a love of craft beer their dream was to share their passion for lovingly crafted beers and ales. Just 6 years later, with a variety of bars opening up across Europe, a new purpose built brewery, a turnover of over £7 million per year and a raft of craft beer converts it seems dreams do come true.

By infusing and educating others about the wonders of craft beer, some shrewd publicity and a lot of hard work BrewDog have built a reputation for great beers and ales and a love of all things craft beer related.

BrewDog ran an open competition to design their next posters. We designed a set of 3 posters which showed some of the BrewDog values.

Protecting craft beer since 2007

The beers bottles were used to represent a protective barrier.

Enlightening your taste buds since 2007

The beer bottle was used a symbolic upside down exclamation mark with the Brew Dog logo forming the dot.

Sticking it to the man since 2007

The beer bottles represented a two fingers gesture to what Brew Dog call generic, run of the mill, profit first, multi-national breweries.

We didn't win but considering these took just over an hour to complete we were delighted with the positive response we received from everyone involved in the competition.

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BrewDog Poster Design
BrewDog Poster Design
BrewDog Poster Design
BrewDog Poster Design BrewDog Poster Design
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